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Girls!, There's a New Sheriff in Town.

One Tough Cookie

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Sometimes things start in the odd places.

This painting was never going to be more than a simple sketch in my sketchbook. There are hundreds of pages with thousands of drawings that I have created over the last several years (PLUS: post-its, envelops, and napkins). You never know when you will be inspired to draw. Only a few drawings make it out of the sketch process.

You may have noticed this drawing on the main kids page for the last year. I've always liked it and was getting a lot of interest as a sketch, so I decided to do more...

I approached this a bit different.

This painting gave me the opportunity to try a few different things with my color palette that I wouldn't traditionally do. You'll notice the palatte is very warm, lots of yellows and oranges. I wanted to keep it dusty and old school, without loosing the fun childlike lines that I love.

The last thing that I want to say is this; girls should to sweet and treated like princesses, but there are times when they need to be rough and tough. This pays homage to those moments when we need to put down the Barbies and get tough. Enjoy!

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Photos During the Painting Process (click below for a larger image)

I'm a fast-talking, sharp-shooting, tough girl. I like to think that I'm really tough on the outside, with a caramel-sweet center.

Final Painting, Bang Bang (Some of the initial sketches are below the final painting!)

A few close-ups and initial sketches.

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