Claude Monet from Summer Morrison on Vimeo.

A day at the pond with Cluade

For Camille

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Finding Claude Monet

When I first thought of doing the Little History Series, Claude Monet was immediately one of the people that came to mind. The way that he used color to capture the light and feeling of a space is amazing. A father of the impressionist movement and an interesting character made him a perfect subject. The more I read it became clear that he had another influential person in his life. Camille Doncieux was Claude’s muse. After reading a biography of Claude and Camille I was ready to develop this painting.

At Age Eight

Much like Frida, Claude and Camille are portrayed at age eight in Monet's famous gardens. Although I am jumping ahead to his later famous lily scenes, it places these to in the most famous reference to their interesting love story. This shows a young Claude almost lost in the scene, having an immersive adventure in the very pond that he painted several times later in his career. Camille looks on with a relaxed interest, looking very carefree.

I like to think of these famous figures lost in the moment and almost blending into the lush scene that surrounds them. I hope to visit Monet’s gardens on a future trip to Europe. It has been a wonderful experience to get lost in the color and characters that inhabit Monet's most famous works.

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Photos During the Painting Process (click below for a larger image)

It's enough to drive you crazy, trying to depict the weather, the atmosphere, the ambience.-  Claude Monet

Claude & Camille (Some of the initial sketches are below the final painting!)

A few close-ups and initial sketches.

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