Frida Kahlo: Feet, why do I need them if I have wings to fly? from Summer Morrison on Vimeo.

Feet, why do I need them if I have wings to fly?

The Portrait of Frida Kahlo

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What makes Frida Kahlo a great character for your "Little History" series?

Frida Kahol is an iconic female artist. She was a clear choice with her obvious level of accliame in the art community and because of her strong personality. I think secondly, she paints with a variety of color and elements that really gave me alot of things to work with inside of a composition.

What was the most interesting fact that you learned about Frida?

Besides some things that she was able to over come in her adult life, I would have to say that it was her childhood. Her father was a artist and a photographer and would encourage her to pursue art at a time where there weren't many female artists. It it this young artist that I am most excited about, all that potential and dreams at such a young age. That's Really Cool!

Why didn't you give her the large eyebrow that she's famous for?

As you can see in some different sketches I did draw her with a large eye brow, but I really wanted to do something different. The large dark eyebrow is a very adult and sometimes moody element that I didn't want to bring into this young budding artist. I think that it hints at the future without actually taking you there. I really want to perserve this moment of youth.

Did you have a favorite part to paint in this Frida painting?

Most people say that the hair & the flowers would be a clear choice, but I love her eyes and cheeks. They were so much fun to paint as you can see in the making-of video.

Can you tell us more about this composition?

Sure. It's clear when looking at Frida's work that she had this connection with nature. Not only the really cool leaves and flowers, but also bugs and insects. These were elements to build up a head piece that could be the symbol for her wonderful imagination. I wanted to bring a lightness and hint at her future inspiration as an artist without foreshadowing any of her enevitable struggles.

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Photos During the Painting Process (click below for a larger image)

I paint flowers so they can live forever.
Frida Kahlo

Final Painting, Frida Kahlo (Some of the initial sketches are below the final painting!)

A few close-ups and initial sketches.

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