Mona Poppins, Practically Perfect in Every Way from Summer Morrison on Vimeo.

A Practically Perfect Project in Every Way!

The Portrait of Mona Poppins

The anticipation of going to Paris has put the legendary image of Leonardo Di Vinci's Mona Lisa in my mind for the last several weeks. Some may think that this painting is perfect (it certainly is a master piece, not many can dispute that), but I have a slightly different definition of perfect.

The recent Broadway performance of Mary Poppins has renewed my love for the British Nanny and all of her delightful demeanor. Self proclaimed to be, "Practically Perfect in Every Way", Mary has a way with words and a propensity to persuade people to her way of doing things.

The idea first came to life on a simple piece of notebook paper and has grown quickly to one of my favorite paintings. With a little bit of planning and a little bit of video magic I was able to capture the whole painting process from beginning to end. Like Mary's magic bag, the 4 and a half hours of painting and drying time is distilled down to pack a punch(not rum punch). Below you will also fine many additional in progress photos and finally the full size Mona Poppins Painting.

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Photos During the Painting Process (click below for a larger image)

Mona Lisa is a Master Piece + Mary Poppins is Practically Perfect
Practically Perfect Master Piece

Final Painting, Mona Poppins (Some of the initial sketches are below the final painting!)

A few close-ups and initial sketches.

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